Sarah and Munbir Chawla: Co-founders “Wild City” and “Magnetic Fields”

One of the top 50 music festivals in the world, Magnetic Fields has our full attention. Sarah and Munbir Chawla, co-founders of “Magnetic Fields” are a dynamic duo, powerful couple and energetic souls. They set up “Wild City”, an online music magazine and events company in 2011 and are they going places! We got the[…]

Tejasvi Chandela & Kuhu Kochar: Founders “All Things Chocolate”

We bring you the perfect synchronicity of design and taste. All Things Chocolate is a Delhi based chocolate brand that makes delicious and uniquely designed chocolates taking inspiration from the little things in life. Their chocolates draw inspiration from tales of your favorite city, colour, flowers or even the best part of your day. With[…]

Pranav Sawhney and Abhishek Sharma – Co Founders Dameriino

The Dameriino duo, Pranav and Abhishek plunged into the start-up culture by solely listening to their hearts. Having spent their childhoods in two different cities, they were brought together by a singular motive of establishing a brand, built on the foundations of their principles. Abhishek made a shift from working in events in Mumbai to coming[…]