Things to do on a lazy weekend

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We all know how great it feels to be able to unwind over a weekend. And what better way than to stay indoors and just relax.
Here is a bunch of things to do over this weekend when you might not feel like stepping out of the house and being lazy in general.

1. Read a book

What is better than to leave behind our own lives and settle into a new one for a bit by getting lost in a book? Especially on a lazy winter weekend with a steaming cup of your favourite hot drink next to you. For book recommendations, you can check out our Instagram for our #PFReadingClub posts.

2. Podcasts and audiobooks

Sometimes we feel too lazy to make the simple effort of even opening our eyes. In those moments of utter laziness, we can always listen to any podcast or audiobook that catches our fancy.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts on a lazy weekend, PostFold Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

3. Play with furry babies

Pets are known to reduce stress but for those that love furry babies but have none of their own, they can venture out to any pet-friendly cafes nearby or volunteer at an animal shelter nearby.

Play with pets and animals on a lazy weekend, PostFoldPhoto by Marion Michele on Unsplash

4. Pick up an old hobby again

Are the old diaries full of your poem gathering dust or is it a guitar stored away somewhere? Get rid of all the dusty covers and take some time out for yourself with an old passion again. It’s a great way to remember what has always made you happy and feel carefree.

Do your hobby again on a weekend, PostFoldPhoto by Kari Shea on Unsplash

5. Cook for yourself

Pampering yourself with something you like to eat is the best way, we feel. Cooking is relaxing for some and this one is for those. So, make the fanciest dish that you love or some crazy version of Maggi that only you like or a weird combination of some pancakes that only you could think of eating. Its all about you, when you cook this once.
Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash



And if you feel too lazy to even do any of these, then you can simply curl up in your blanket and be a clinomaniac for the weekend. A weekend spent entirely in bed would be the best after all, wouldn’t it?

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