#PFAdmires: Ridhi & Vidur Arora- The two people who created Intersekt

When you navigate through the streets of Okhla, you may stumble upon a stunning architectural facade which would seem surreal in that location at first glance. The beautiful building of Intersekt is more of a modern art museum than the experiential interior design showroom that it is with its state-of-the-art displays and?the exclusive collection of flooring, tiles and much more. But what went into creating this fantastic one of its kind showroom?
Intersekt is the brainchild of Ridhi & Vidur Arora who knew exactly how to stand out by doing something no one had ever done before. We decided to catch up with the two at their avant-garde showroom over coffee and here’s what they told us about themselves.
Ridhi & Vidur at the entrance for Intersekt

Describe yourself in 5 words

R: Sassy, free-spirited, passionate, emotional and lively
V: I am a funny guy (5 words!)

What’s your perfect day at work like?

R: When I’m able to check off all the items on my daily to-do list.
V: Bustling with clients
Vidur is wearing our Blue Acrylic Sweater

Tell us a little about Intersekt

R: INTERSEKT is a luxury home decor boutique that provides its clients with a curated product portfolio from across the globe which enables them to build and create their dream spaces.
V: INTERSEKT is a premium building materials and home decor store founded with the vision of enabling clients to create beautiful spaces.
Ridhi is wearing our Oh-So-Blue Blazer

What’s your personal style?

R: Trendy chic
V: Comfortable

Tell us 3 things one should never wear to work

R: Ripped jeans, athleisure attire and baggy/ill-fitted clothes
V: Jeans (especially tight ones), Christmas sweaters and oil in your hair
On Vidur, our Paneled Sweatshirt

Top 3 songs you’re listening to right now

R: Up&Up by Coldplay, Unforgettable by Rihanna and Double Decker Eyelashes by Cornershop
V: Makeba by Jain, Thunder by Imagine Dragons and Udd Gaye by Ritviz

What is the easiest and most impressive thing you have worn to a meeting?

R: A fun printed dress with a plain navy blue blazer
V: Khakis, white shirt and navy blazer with a pocket square
On Vidhi, our Pink Ruffle Sleeves Sweater


A fashion trend you’re sick of

R: All black everything and/or monochrome
V: White/pastel pants in the winter

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

R: Don’t just dream it, get out there and put all your energy into trying to also achieve it. Even if you fail, you’ll know you gave it your best shot!
V: If you don’t try it how will you ever know whether it was worth it
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