Tejasvi Chandela & Kuhu Kochar: Founders “All Things Chocolate”

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We bring you the perfect synchronicity of design and taste. All Things Chocolate is a Delhi based chocolate brand that makes delicious and uniquely designed chocolates taking inspiration from the little things in life. Their chocolates draw inspiration from tales of your favorite city, colour, flowers or even the best part of your day. With an amazing personal rapport and an inspiring friendship, the founders, Tejasvi Chanderi is the talented chocolateir and Kuhu Kochar is the designer and brains behind their much talked about packaging. Their muses in cocoa change with each new experience that gets reflected in all new flavors that are launched every month.


Read on for the tasty question and answer session we had with the chocolate connoisseurs:

1. What do you start your day with?

Tejasvi ? Coffee

Kuhu– A glass of milk

2. Tell us about you and your partner.

Tejasvi – Kuhu is a great partner to work with and Ive learnt a lot from her. She is?a perfectionist and super proactive. She is really creative and is always?coming up with fun ideas. But she could use some time off work and take a?long vacation.

Kuhu – Tejasvi is probably the calmest person I know, we work as perfect opposites?in that sense! Hardworking as hell I’ve never seen a single thing faze her.

3. Tell us what All Things Chocolate is to you.

Tejasvi – All Things Chocolate is a brand that I see a lot of potential in. Its one of?the most unique chocolate brands in our country. We are constantly trying to?keep things fresh and new (from the packaging to the flavours to the entire?concept behind each and every bar).

Kuhu – All Things to me is a creative outlet, my space to have fun and truly do?what I enjoy doing.

4. If any one kind of chocolate from All Things defined you, which one would it be and why?

Tejasvi – I would go with All Things Barcelona. Its a really fun bar (mix of travel?and cocktail) and I love both.

Kuhu – All Things Barcelona, its safe and experimental at the same time.

5. What is the most interesting chocolate youve ever had?

Tejasvi – I recently had a chocolate with quinoa and lime zest. Found it really?interesting and complex.

Kuhu – This surprisingly not disgusting dark chocolate bar by Dick Taylor, a 72%?Belize bar with sesame seeds, poppy, garlic, onion and salt!

6. Is there any similarity between chocolate and your partner? If so, how?

Tejasvi – Hahahahahaha yes for sure. I think Kuhu and chocolate both have a dark and?intense side to them.

7. Were huge fans of All things packaging. Whats the inspiration behind it?

Tejasvi – I think Kuhu would be the best person to answer that

Kuhu – The approach is simple, we start with a ‘why?’ Why we create multiple?designs and follow a design process for each box is for more than just?aesthetic reasons. We like to create work that touches people: whether it?makes them smile, makes them nostalgic, excites them, or even stirs a?thought. All Things should be able to offer you a unique experience, each?time you interact with it and weve had a lot of fun creating it.

8. Whats your personal style?

Tejasvi – Still trying to figure that out. Sometimes casual, sometimes super formal.

Kuhu – Sporty Casual

9. Do you think you can relate fashion and chocolate together?

Tejasvi – For sure. Both fashion and chocolates are derived from creativity and?technique.
Kuhu ? Absolutely

10. Tell us 3 things you dont leave your house without.

Tejasvi – My phone, handbag and wallet.

Kuhu – Phone, keys and wallet



Kuhu is wearing PostFold’s Stripe Dress

Tejasvi is wearing PostFold’s Comfort Chic Dress