Our Purpose

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It began with wanting to prove high quality does not mean high price. Now, it has become a lot more. A glance at what guides us every day.


Transitional Design

The design ideology is simple. We start with the customers and work backwards to uncover their clothing needs to create thoughtful designs. Each detail in the design has a purpose. After creating the designs, we search and source the highest quality materials from fabric to the threads.

We work with the products right from pattern making to when the finished products are received from the factories. Each garment is constructed keeping in mind the highest level of quality. None of the products are just "wear three times and discard". They are made to last. By putting in our heart and soul into each design, our goal is to make dressing up easy, effortless and pleasurable.

"Our goal is to make dressing up easy, effortless and pleasurable"


The Makers

The apparel industry is the most labour intensive industry in the world. It is also the highest employer of child and forced labour.

This needs to change. We want to show that great quality does not need to come at the cost of unethical workers. Before we work with any factory, we follow an internal audit and scoring system by personally visiting the factory and making sure the labour is not mistreated. The audit includes everything from working conditions to fare wages. You can read the entire criteria for internal auditing Here.

"Great quality does not need to come at the cost of mistreated workers."


Affordable Quality

Average mark up of a retail brand is approximately 8 times the cost of manufacturing. We think that's too much. Our approach is to provide directly to consumer apparel by finding supply chain efficiencies to minimize the price. Being in control of the supply right from the procurement of fabrics and raw materials, we are able to provide the highest quality at an affordable price.