The idea

Under the umbrella of the Do Better; Be Better initiative, Re:create is a move to reduce and reuse the plastic waste generated by PET bottles. The idea is to reduce the use of virgin plastic and use polyester made with 100% recycled plastic. A basic Re:create t-shirt is made using recycled plastic from about 6-9 such bottles leading to a better cycle of recycling the waste.

How it’s done

  • Plastic bottles are first collected and shredded into pellets which are then spun into yarn.

  • The yarn is then used with another type of staple fibre (typically cotton) to weave the fabric.

  • This fabric is then used to create the Re:create line of products at our partner factories.

Each garment is typically made with 6-9 PET bottles and the typical fibre content of this fabric is 60% Cotton and 40% recycled polyester.

The Re:create Range

Join us in making an Impact

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