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One of the finest fabrics in the world, Supima was formed in El Paso, Texas in 1948. Supima stands for superior Pima. Pima is a generic term for extra-long staple cotton grown in the US, Australia, Peru.

Supima cotton has fibers with an extra-long staple, that don't pill, is more breathable, produces less lint and become softer over time with use. It is an extremely high quality fabric that offers comfort, texture and long-lasting durability.

How Is It Different


The staple length of Supima Cotton is 35% longer than regular cotton. This ensures that it is softer and a more lustrous fiber, along with being very luxurious to touch. It becomes softer with every wash.


Supima is up to 45% stronger than regular cottons, which makes Supima products extraordinarily resilient. Supima is highly resistant to piling, rupture and dimensional changes, like shrinkage and twisting.


Supima Cotton absorbs and retains color better than regular cottons. The Cotton fibers in Supima cotton absorb dye better than the fibers found in other cottons. This ensures that, any garment made from Supima is brighter and retains color for longer.

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We are not offering refunds on any SALE items however we would be happy to exchange

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