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When We Say We Give You The Best, We Mean It.

Presenting a collection of garments in Supima cotton- the finest cotton in the world. Founded in El Paso, Texas in 1948, ‘Supima’ stands for superior Pima; Pima being the generic term for the extra-long staple cotton that is grown in the US, Australia & Peru.


With 35% longer staples than regular cotton, Supima is softer than other varieties of cotton and every wash only increases the softness.


Supima is highly resistant to piling, rupture and dimensional changes, like shrinkage and twisting because it is 45% stronger.


The Supima cotton fibres absorb dye better than those in other cottons and retain colour better making it brighter and more lustrous.

Supima cotton doesn’t pill, is more breathable, produces less lint and becomes softer over time with usage without ever losing its colour or brightness. It combines quality craftsmanship with durable luxury.

Supima care

The love and care you show to your regular cotton garments is the same that Supima needs. The softness gets enhanced the more you wash and wear it.

Together with the durability and lasting colour you will see and feel the Supima difference.

  •  Use non-chlorine bleach.
  •  Warm iron if needed.