Who we are

We believe that apparel can be more than just a stitched piece of fabric. A good design will make you look good but a design with an impact will make you happier. Which in our opinion is so much better. The impact we make in our journey is important and this is just the beginning.

In a world which is bombarded with products that mean less and sell more, we want to create products that matter, are relatable and stand for something.

The plan has been simple - to do it ethically and at honest prices, no middlemen, no excessive mark-ups and premium quality only.

Each product is made thoughtfully from the days you will hustle to the nights that you'll jive. From your fast-paced workdays to laid-back holidays, these pieces are made to move at the same pace as you- from dawn to dusk and beyond.


After you make the last tuck, the last fold before you step out for the day is where your story starts unfolding.

And that was the inspiration behind the name Postfold.

While we have always loved creating transitional styles we were feeling that something was amiss. We felt a need to have a little something that expressed the journey we take with you from AM to PM.



The Sun

The rising sun has always been a source of awe for us. The beautiful contrast that it creates with the sea made us feel like it resonated with the versatile and playful nature of our designs. Thus, the first icon we picked was the rising Sun against calm sea waves.

The Humming Bird

The small but swift hummingbird characterizes the daily hustle and the fast-paced lives that we all lead. The flapping of its wings forms the infinity loop which seemed to perfectly represent the continuing cycle between AM to PM for us.

The Moon

The crescent moon brought a sense of calmness and felt apt for the hours when we unwind. We added the little stars to illustrate the attention to detail that is there in every Postfold piece.

Design. Craftsmanship. Prices that make you smile.

How we do it

Timeless Quality & Design

The fabric quality isn’t the only thing that makes Postfold pieces last. Products are carefully designed to keep up with your lifestyle and to last for seasons to come. The fits are comfortable, and the minimal silhouettes make their presence known.

Honest Pricing

We believe that luxury quality comes at a price. That price, however, can be made attainable with a very simple formula. Our formula? A modest margin to the cost of production; no middlemen, no aggressive mark-ups.

Ethical Processes

Each garment that you love is made in our partner factories. These factories, make the safety and hygiene of the workers a priority. Above all, it is ensured that women are a part of the cycle and all the workers are given the respect they deserve.

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